Fantastic lawyer!

“Ms. Murphy handled my divorce, including the custody of my child. She was extremely knowledgeable and caring through this difficult time for us, and truly shaped the successful recovery of my little family through her work.” – Amy

Highly recommend Molly

“Molly is a very knowledgeable attorney who keeps me informed of the status of my case and opposing counsel and is very responsive to my questions, emails, and phone calls. She is a caring individual who makes my child’s well-being and care a top priority, always listening to my concerns and taking action as necessary. Molly explained all hearings, filings, etc. so, I understand the court process. She is always well prepared for hearings and opposing counsel meetings. After working with three other attorneys, I trust Molly is the best lawyer to handle my child custody case and trial.” – Brandi

Always kept me up to date

“I hired Molly Murphy because my ex kept pushing for more child custody and support. Molly was always available to talk to me or updates me. If you have to go to court and go through a lot of court dates, you want Molly on your team. She knew everyone at the courthouse, including the judge. I ended up with more time with my kids and less child support.” – Brendan

Very knowledgeable and experienced

“I am a current client of Ms. Murphy. She is an excellent attorney. She has been very patient and caring throughout handling my case, and she is very knowledgeable and experienced.” – Child Custody Client