Protect Your Rights As A Grandparent

If you are struggling to obtain access to your grandchildren, it is vital to get help from a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer. Trust your case to the Law Office of Margaret P. Murphy, LLC. We assist people throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area with a range of family law concerns, including grandparents’ rights issues.

Typically, grandparents have three options: visitation rights, guardianships and adoption. Visitation is the most likely option, as full custody can be unusual. By considering grandparents’ rights, the courts will look at your relationship with your child, as well as the noncustodial parent and whether he or she was married to the other parent.

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Advocating For You At Every Step

As a certified mediator, attorney Margaret “Molly” P. Murphy will make every effort to resolve your issue as amicably as possible. She will file a request for mediation with the courts along with a parenting plan that suits your needs and goals. Often these cases will settle out of court, but if that is not possible in your situation, Ms. Murphy is also an experienced litigator who will be a strong advocate for you at trial.

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