We Can Help You Find A Solution To Your Divorce

You might never have expected to get divorced, but now that it is happening, you need an attorney to work with you on your case. Even if you are going through a relatively cordial divorce, you need an attorney to provide advice and negotiate on their behalf, so that the final settlement is fair and fits your family.

At the Law Office of Margaret P. Murphy, LLC, we have been assisting clients through divorce for more than 15 years. We know what it takes to obtain a just result, whether that means settling out of court or going to trial.

What Is ‘Marital Property?’

Depending on your circumstances before filing for divorce, your case could be relatively straightforward or quite complex. Under Missouri law, “marital property” includes items that you and your spouse co-own and must be divided upon divorce. Significant pieces of marital property could include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • A closely held business

The more marital property there is, the more the two of you must divide up. We are prepared to assist in this process by making sure you have an accurate valuation of all the marital property, so you get a picture of how much you are entitled to. We discuss your priorities, so that we know what assets are most important to you, such if you want to keep the family home.

Representing Military Members

Getting a divorce while serving in the U.S. military poses a unique challenge. For instance, a standard child custody and visitation plan may not make sense if you or your spouse might soon be stationed overseas for several months. Our law firm is unique in St. Louis, in that we frequently represent service members stationed at Fort Leonard Wood and elsewhere in divorce matters.

We Make Divorce Easier

Divorce cases generally go faster and more smoothly when you have an attorney with experience assisting a wide variety of clients. For an initial consultation, call 314-440-1090 or use our online form.