Find A Child Custody Plan That Suits Your Family

When it comes to issues regarding child custody and parental rights, emotions can be highly charged. In those situations, it can be beneficial to obtain advice and guidance from an experienced lawyer. At the Law Office of Margaret P. Murphy, LLC, we are prepared to assist with custody matters for families throughout the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area.Often, parents decide they want full custody, but are unsure of what that entails. In Missouri, there are three types of custody, which can be shared or awarded in full to one parent.

  • Legal custody: Acts as a decision maker for health care, school and other decisions
  • Physical custody: Where the child lives
  • Residential custody: What residence determines a child’s school

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Parents In The Military

Few jobs impact a parenting plan more than serving in the armed forces. An active duty or reserve service member could be shipped overseas with little notice, and be gone for months. We have experience helping parents navigate military child custody matters.

Helping To Create Your Unique Parenting Plan

As your attorney, Margaret “Molly” P. Murphy will be diligent in finding the solution that works best for you and your family. She understands that every family is unique, and will meet with you to discuss your specific situation and customize a parenting plan to suit your needs. Ms. Murphy is also a certified mediator, and will make every effort to help the parties reach an agreement outside of court. If that is not possible in your situation, she is an experienced trial lawyer who will be a strong advocate for you in litigation.

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