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Experienced, Personalized Divorce Representation

Think about what you want out of your family law attorney. Chances are, you want an attorney who sees you as an individual, and can tell what is unique about your situation. At the same time, you probably want an attorney with the experience and legal knowledge to know what strategy will help you get the division of assets and child custody plan you deserve.

That is the kind of representation you get at the Law Office of Margaret P. Murphy, LLC. Attorney Margaret “Molly” P. Murphy has been practicing in family law for more than 15 years, and has a wealth of experience with complex, high-asset divorce cases.

What Personalized Service Means To Us

We believe in tailoring our strategy in each case to our client’s personal concerns, whether that means a greater emphasis on property division, spousal support, child custody or so on. Our clients appreciate this personalized approach, because it gives them the best possible chance of reaching a fair result in their divorce, even when they own sophisticated assets like stock portfolios and businesses.

Because we are a solo practice, you always get our personal service and attention to detail. This ensures that our representation fits your needs and your children’s needs as well.

In addition, because our office is located in a converted house, instead of an imposing office building, we hope you will feel more comfortable discussing your case with us in a relaxed, cozy setting.

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